My name is Melissa Kaye, and I am the owner of Healthy Homes, a cleaning company in the Boston area using only all-natural, non-toxic products. Not only am I an environmentalist, I’m also a bit of a health-freak. I don’t go to the gym and drink protein shakes like they do in the movies. I buy and prepare organic foods, I clean with all natural products and I keep no chemicals in my home.

I have always been an environmentalist, since before I knew what that meant. But I became obsessed with an organic, all-natural life-style only a few years ago. I have had strange health problems since I was a child and many symptoms went unexplained. I chocked it up to my parents smoking, but when I became seriously ill at 22, I hadn’t been anywhere near smoke in years. I became so exhausted on a daily basis that I could barely function. My glands were swollen and painful. My whole body was stiff and achy every morning. Some of my joints were so painful I could barely walk. And once I could barely open my mouth. This would persist for days, sometimes weeks at a time. I began to research my symptoms online.

My doctor performed tests for Lupus and Lyme disease. I had a low level of the anti-bodies present in Lupus patients, but the doctors weren’t convinced that was my case. I went to an allergist and spent hours being pricked with needles. Was I allergic to mold?? That doctor said something that led me to where I am today. He told me that I was not having a histamine reaction to anything that he had tested me for, but it seemed that I was having an immuno-allergic reaction to something.

This is when I began to heal. I went home and did more research. I got rid of all of my bleach. I disposed of all of my bath and hygiene products and began to use natural alternatives. I saw an improvement in my health almost immediately. And my step-daughter’s allergy symptoms also improved. I began testing every all-natural cleaning product on the market and experimenting with recipes for making my own. I sought out makers of organic health and beauty products. When I found out I was pregnant last year after 3 years of trying, I made sure to have a supply of all the organic baby products I would need. I continued to eat organic foods, and clean my all-natural way. I had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy and natural delivery and I’m the proud mother of an 8 month old who has only ever had 1 tiny cold! My children are lucky to benefit from my prior illness. My 7 year old step-daughter already knows what organic means, and why I won’t buy polyester!!

I have been healthy for several years now, and I only ever experience symptoms when I’m exposed to chemicals outside of my home. I know the warning signs now, and I know what to avoid. In an effort to save others the trouble I have gone through, I have started Healthy Homes, an all-natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning and consulting service. I offer not only cleaning services, but also the opportunity to learn how to detoxify your home and life. I hope my experience can help other families as much as it has helped mine!

Melissa Kaye, Proprietor

Healthy Homes Cleaning



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